Ground of Care and Control
online public program
Artist Talk
by Natalia Fedorova
From seedling to the sky
Natalia Fedorova, curator, artist and researcher, working in the field of science art and new media
September 2021
Evgenii Savenko, artist, curator and moderator of noise scenes on various festival venues
Liliia Akivenson, sound researcher, lecturer of SRI of Noise and regular seminar "Sound in the Field"
Sound Performance
by Liliia Akivenson &
Evgenii Savenko
September 2021
Anastasya Kizilova, researcher, artist, science-fiction writer, works in the field of environmental communication
by Anastasya Kizilova
September 2021
Andrey Bundin, composer, media artist, PhD in Art History
Sound Performance
Conductor Andrey Bundin
Insects Orchestra: Underground
September 2021
Boris Shershenkov, sound artist, PhD (candidate of technical sciences) and musical instrument designer
by Boris Shershenkov
Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat
September 2021
Participants: Alla Mitrofanova, Julia Vergazova & Nikolay Ulyanov, Liliia Akivenson & Evgenii Savenko
watch the performance
Part 2. Artist talks
The conference participants will follow the approaches of Maria Puig de la Bellacasa* to develop "speculative thinking" as a political imagination of the possible and will present artistic projects on human relationship with soil.
September 2021
Participants: Aleksandr Kapitonov, Andrey Lazukin, Grigorii Kirgizov, Maria Sviridova
Ground of Care and Control
Part 1. Technology talks
In this conference scientists and engineers will try to look on care in the context of technologies which can be careful to nature and point humans to technosymbiotic possibilities.
September 2021
Ground of Care and Control