Technology mediates our relations to the biosphere, codifies and shapes them. They can constitute means of both care and control. Today they codify primarily the second element: exhaustive control and accelerating exploitation. In this conference we'll try to look at the first element—on care—and hear from scientists and engineers who try to make technologies more careful to nature and point us to technosymbiotic possibilities.

Maria Sviridova will tell us how to fall in love with mud and why now is the time for this. Her talk is based on research in microbial fuel cell technology and will give a voice to "inaudible" soils that elude our attention

Andrey Lazukin will open up a perspective through Citizen Science on a possibility of forming together a caring environment between nature, human and technology.

Aleksandr Kapitonov will describe a green farming solution from AgriDataX, a way for achieving a more symmetric relationship in agriculture with the help of distributed technology.

Moderator – Grigorii Kirgizov
Technology Talks
September 11, 2021
Ground of Care and Control: part 1
Aleksandr Kapitonov is a Head of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies at ITMO University, earned his Ph.D. (2014) in System Analysis, Control and Information Processing at ITMO University. In 2015, he joined International Research Lab of Adaptive and Nonlinear Control Systems at ITMO University, where he has been working as Associate Professor on the robust control for nonlinear systems, control theory education and heterogeneous network solutions.
Maria Sviridova is an environmental engineer in the field of chemical environmental protection. Her artistic and scientific interests are in the area of cyclical processes. It connects the "local" with the "global", critically addressing issues of dataification, surveillance, distributed networks and infrastructures, ecosystems, human and other relations. Has experience in urban wastewater treatment plants and incinerators.
Andrey Lazukin is a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Biotechnologies at ITMO University. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Kuban State University. His scientific interests are the intersection of biology, chemistry and physics. He worked at the Foundation for New Forms of Education Development as a federal tutor, participated in the Bacterial internet project as a lead engineer. Currently he is a curator of the Bacterial internet project.
Grigorii Kirgizov is a Grounding project co-curator, post-media artist with background in computer science. Graduate of Art&Science Masters program of ITMO University. Participant of exhibitions "Ars Electronica: Pangardenia" and "Voices of Technobiocenoses" in St.Petersburg.
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