A turning point in human history was the discovery of Louis Pasteur's microbiology and the victory over infectious diseases in the mid-19th century. In an instant, the science of hygiene became a set of superstitions. In today's world, concepts of hygiene are controversial. Plastic, designed to protect against bacteria, is a serious threat. Tons of undegradable material pollute the environment every day. The sorting of recycled materials is a marginal practice. The decomposing processes associated with the production of compost in an urban environment are disgusting.

The POSTCOMPOST project glides through the epistemological framework of new materialism in the process of earth production. This approach to ecology reveals the contrast between clearly defined scientific concepts and unpredictable ontologies that go beyond these concepts.
performative practice by Anastasiya Kizilova

September 10, 2021
Anastasya Kizilova, researcher, artist, science-fiction writer Anastasya Kizilovа was born in 1986. She began her artistic career in 2001 started her education at Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry. In 2013, Anastasya presented the project The Artist's Uniform, the aim of which was to interact with the participants of the professional art system. Since 2016 she has collected an archive of unrealized artists' ideas entitled Found Project: authors share their ideas for free, so other people who are in need of ideas can realize them. At the moment she works in the field of environmental communication, which focuses on posthumanist and nonhumanist ways of interacting, bringing together theoretical approaches such as queer-ecology, cyberfeminism and practical methods such as performative creation of an interspecific collective body.
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