Master’s Program
Russia’s first Art & Science Master’s program is available to graduates of any specialization, both creative and technical. We teach students to think about the new achievements of science in a creative way, recognize their beauty, and use them as inspiration for the creation of new art pieces.
Students can choose from one of three specializations:
— Bioart, Biodesign, and Living Materials
— Digital Worlds
— Robotic and Interactive Art
You will work with professional artists and curators as part of courses, workshops, and end-of-term exhibitions. Even as students, you will present your works at major Russian and international science art festivals and exhibitions.
The program is delivered entirely in English and in a multicultural environment.
Internship opportunities at the Art & Science Center and various departments of ITMO
International academic exchange opportunities
Collaborations with professional artists, scientists and curators
An interdisciplinary program for students of various backgrounds
Access to ITMO’s frontier laboratories and scientific centers
Participation in science art exhibitions and festivals
Students can
The program features theoretical and practical subjects, workshops, as well as elective practical modules. Students present their projects at end-of-semester exhibitions. The final project can be presented in the format of an art project or a text.
Recordings of open days
  • Darya Vysokova (alumna 2023),
  • Alexander Pogrebnyak (graduate of 2022)

Recorded March 20, 2024
  • Polina Bondareva, Herald Director of Masters School
  • Gleb Matyushin, General Director of Smart Light Company
  • Ksenia Diodorova, art director, co-founder of "Gonzo:Research&Art" studio.

Recorded May 16, 2023
  • Olga Vad, Head of the Art & Science Master's Program
  • Yelizaveta Menis, Director of Art & Science Center ITMO
Recorded April 12, 2023
How to apply
ITMO Portfolio Contest
The contest is suitable for those who have research, educational, and/or professional achievements. The application should include: a motivation letter, a CV, a portfolio, and supporting documents: copies of certificates and diplomas, screenshots, links to publications, conference materials, exhibitions, etc.

Contest stages and deadlines:

Stage 1: March 1 — June 1, 2023
Stage 2: June 20 — July 24, 2023
Art & Science Contest
Entrance exams
The exams are conducted remotely and in the English language. You will receive two two questions from a list and will have 45 minutes to prepare an answer. After that, you will answer the questions and have an interview with the program’s curators.
If you have artistic experience — this is an opportunity for you!

Your application should include a motivation letter (350−700 words), a video introduction (1−3 minutes), and a digital portfolio in English.
The contest takes place in two waves.

Each consists of two stages:
Stage 1: applicants submit their motivation letter, portfolio and video introduction;
Stage 2: interviews with selected candidates.

Remember to keep track of deadlines:
● February 2 — June 20, 2023 — first wave of applications and interviews;
● July 4, 2023 — publication of the list of first-wave winners;
● June 25 — July 25, 2023 — second wave of applications and interviews;
● August 5, 2023 — publication of the list of second-wave winners.


The Art and Science and Portfolio competitions are held in two waves. You can take part in one of the competitions and only in one of the waves. If you are not accepted, we recommend that you do not get upset and take the entrance exam as a second attempt. It is possible to enter without exams for winners and medalists of the competition "I am a Professional" (Design, Creative Industries)..
Candidates who have successfully completed additional professional education programs from the Art & Science Center of ITMO for 2023-2024 (Creative Programming and Inside Art & Science) and have the relevant education or qualification documents, receive an additional 10 points to the "electronic portfolio" section of the "Art & Science" competition.
For applicants to the ITMO Art & Science Master's program, there is a 20% discount on the online course Inside Art & Science. To get a promo code for the discount, email us at with the note discount for applicants. Current employees and students of ITMO University can take the Inside Art & Science course for free.
Premasters — a preparatory course for the Art & Science Master’s program at ITMO.
Applying to Art & Science? Prepare with Premasters!
May 1 — June 11, 2023
3 specializations:
● bioart
● digital worlds
● robotic art
Language: Russian

microlearning (all materials are posted in a private Telegram channel; you can study at a comfortable pace for just a few minutes every day)
● lots of online and offline meetups
● useful materials, interactive quizzes, and chats
Career opportunities
As a student, you can work at art institutions (galleries, museums, etc.), create art projects, organize events, and curate exhibitions.
Perform research activities, conduct experiments, and combine art and science into one.
Create audiovisual and multimedia solutions for the commercial sector.
Teach at various educational institutions for children and adults. Our graduates go on to become lecturers at Master’s programs in their fields.
Asya Kaplan, curator of the Art & Science Center’s public educational program
Svetlana Sidorova, Victoria Romanova, Marta Mikhailova and Alena Koroleva, members of the art group BIOROBOTY 019
Alexander Pogrebnyak, interdisciplinary artist, assistant curator, technical director of Masters Digital
Maria Moschenskaya and Veronika Prizova, interdisciplinary artists, junior researchers at BioArt Lab
Nadezhda Bei, VR artist, 3D artist at VR Interactive space, lecturer for ITMO’s Digital Worlds course
Danila Logvinenko, interdisciplinary artist, R&D engineer at visual solutions studio Smart Light
Ksenia Gorlanova, interdisciplinary artist, PhD student, lecturer for ITMO’s Digital Tools in Artistic Practice course
Natalia Grishina,
PR-manager of cultural projects, social media manager of Bushe projects
Sofia Osbanova,
curator of the database of interdisciplinary art in Russia, community manager of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of EUSPb
Interviews with students
If you have any questions, please email us at