About us
The Art & Science Center was founded in 2018 to foster dialogue between the artistic and scientific communities.
The center is home to the English-language Master’s program Art & Science, a workshop, and an exhibition space. In 2021, the center established the BioArt Lab under the direction of the science artist Ippolit Markelov, PhD.
The mission of the center is to conduct artistic research that critically analyzes modern technologies and science, as well as to train professionals of a new breed: those who understand modern science and technology, employ creative thinking, quickly adapt to changes, and create products at the intersection of disciplines.
The Art & Science Master's program is open to graduates of any major - technical, natural science, or humanities. We teach students to look creatively at the achievements of science, to see beauty in physical and natural phenomena and to find ideas for creating art objects. We are waiting for everyone who is interested in showing themselves in the field of scientific and technological art!
Admission to the master's program 2024 has started!
Our projects
Every spring, the center holds STAGE (Science & Technology Art Graduate Exhibition), an exhibition of Master’s theses where students present interdisciplinary art projects made in collaboration with ITMO’s research laboratories. In 2020 and 2021, the Art & Science Center was the Russian partner of the Ars Electronica festival with its Grounding and Pangardenia exhibitions.
In collaboration with Radio House, we announce the recruitment of artists and filmmakers for an online lab of audiovisual experiments dedicated to the phenomenon of the screen.

Deadline for applications: May 1, 2024
Joint exhibition of the Yandex Museum and the Art & Science Center of ITMO University.

April 19 - June 12, 2024
The center also holds exhibitions of works by professional artists. In 2021, the project Staying with the Trouble brought together science artists from seven countries, many of whom had their works exhibited in Russia for the first time. Viral Time, a new project by the American bioartist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, was unveiled at the event.
The center’s staff and lecturers also deliver open lectures, art mediations for exhibition projects, as well as comprehensive educational programs for the general public.