The Art&Science Open day
Master's Studies in Russia
July 2, 3 PM (Moscow time)
Zoom conference
International program
in English
Additional points when applying for MSc
Art&Science Open Day Online is a great opportunity to learn all about the programme, all three majors and international scholarship.You will have a chance to talk to coordinator of the program and ask all your questions.
July 2,
3 pm (Moscow time)
Aliya Sakhariyeva
head of the Art&Science Center
Lina Kipriushina
coordinator of the Art&Science Master's program
Who can apply?
Graduates of creative, engineering, and humanities majors with experience and an interest in creative practice at the intersection of new technologies, science, and art
Humanities researchers aiming to analyze science- and technological art from a theoretical viewpoint
Curators and art professionals eager to explore the specifics of curatorship and exhibition production in art&science
The Art&Science program aims to create the conditions in which we can foster individuals who are innovators, creators, and active members of society – simply put, future leaders.
Dimitri Ozerkov
Head of the Art & Science Master's program, art historian, curator, head of Hermitage Museum's Department of Contemporary Art, director of the Hermitage 20/21 Project
Who can apply?
Work alongside professional artists, scientists, and curators
Enjoy access to ITMO University's state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers
Become a part of the artistic and scientific community
Present a creative or curatorial projects at Russian and international venues
Study in English within a multicultural environment
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